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Loyal Sons & Daughters of our Beloved South Carolina State University


Alumni Programming Committee – Responsible for developing and executing alumni engagement programming activities. This group will also be responsible for developing, executing membership recruitment and retention strategies. The Young Alumni Council will function as a subcommittee of this group. Responsibilities include developing peer engagement activities that align with committee's general program.

Atlanta Metropolitan Scholarship Committee – Responsible for managing the chapter's scholarship funding program and awarding the Warren-Reese Scholarship. Additional duties include fundraising, recruiting(college fairs), award recommendations, developing and maintaining award criteria and maintaining program records. 

Communications and Marketing Committee – Responsible for all marketing, branding and public relations for the organization.

Constitution and Bylaws Committee – Responsible for reviewing and recommending changes to the SCSUNAA Constitution and Bylaws including SCSUNAA Atlanta Chapter's Bylaws.

Membership Committee – Responsible for managing all membership information, activity and records. Processes to include (but not limited to) reclaiming, recruiting and retaining membership and financial disposition. This group will also be responsible for maintaining communications for the membership. 

Public Affairs Committee - Responsible for advocacy arm of the organization. It will keep chapter connected with the affairs of the University, the South Carolina Legislature and our National Alumni Association. 

Ways and Means Committee - Responsible for developing resources necessary to operate the chapter and meet its University contribution goals. This includes planning, executing annual giving campaign, other fundraising activities/events, developing/maintaining the chapter budget and monitoring expenses/disbursements. 



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PO BOX 310774, ATLANTA,GA 31131-0774